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Looking for people to learn the game with

Praise the Spice!

I am looking for people who are currently working through the rulebook and like to learn the system together with the aim of starting play in due time.
Its proving difficult to get my usual playmates to disengage from D&D5E. :slight_smile:
So I reckon this is a better place to look for like minded people.

On that note: I’d also appreciate pointers to good community sites where Dune might also be discussed outside of Modi.

My preference would be to also GM, but a rotating roster of GM’s might work best.

I am located in UTC+2 timezone and mornings work best for me once we get to playing.

I have an Ultimate License for Fantasy Grounds; which is my preferred virtual tabletop. This means other people can connect to my sessions free of charge.

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Did you find anyone? Where are you? So far my best helper has been YouTube videos, but I’m probably months out from having any chance or time to run a Dune campaign.