Unlucky Stray Shot and Vault 111 Jumpsuit Cards

I’m prepping to run “A Quick Exit” from Astoundingly Awesome Tales #1 and it lists “Unlucky Stray Shot” in the list Danger cards.

I thought I had every card set in the game but I can’t find that card. I also don’t see it anywhere in the Full Card List PDF (FOWW FCL-006-111).

Does anybody know where I can find this card?

(I’m encountering the same issue with Vault 111 Jumpsuit list in the Survivor items)

The Vault 111 Jumpsuit comes with the “Heroes of Sanctuary Hills” box (or at least it did when I bought mine), it is also in the Wave 1 pdf. Unfortunately the free pdfs seem to have moved or been taken away.

The Unlucky Stray Shot danger card is listed as coming with the Sentry Bot (I don’t have that one).

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The PDFs are all here.

The narrative cards (like the Danger Cards) were never put up as PDFs. Unlucky Stray Shot was released in the Sentry Bot box. The Vault 111 Jump Suit can be found here under Wave 1.

If you run into a situation where a card is needed for a deck but you either can’t find or don’t have it, feel free to substitute it with anything you feel is appropriate from your own collection.