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Missing wasteland cards

Hi there, I have played the last Fallout Friday scenario (Zetans) and I have noticed I don’t have some cards.

I have bought everything in this wargame (except Liberty Prime and T-45 set), and I don’t have some danger and event cards (I don’t know about different kind of cards). I have seen those cards in the app, but in the last .pdf Wave 5 full card list 17 May, those cards are not there, so I don’t know why I don’t have them or how could I get them.

The cards are: Dizzy, Not a toy, Unstable fusion core (danger cards) and Static build up (event).
This happened before with the Vestiges Resurgent 2, with the Slippery event card…
How is possible? Where is the REAL full card list? Where could I find them? Because there are not such cards online.