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Understanding 50:50

I see the section on Luck has 50:50 tests. The various scenarios all say “If the 50:50 test is successful”, but the Randomizing section that describes 50:50 doesn’t say success of failure, it says Outcome A or Outcome B.

So am I just choosing A or B before the roll, or having the char choose A or B before the roll, then the outcome is decided?

Hi. The randomising section is for any situation rather than purely success/fail as some 50:50 chances may be other outcomes such as does the Brahmin go left or right. You stipulate which is outcome A and B before a roll.

If doing a 50:50 for a success or fail, I usually roll a Damage dice and say any damage icon means success (which is outcome A) as it’s easiest to verbalise and assess.