Making proxy dice

A little help in making sure my dice are random until my box gets here. Any help would be appreciated because the PDF is clear as mud

Can you elaborate? You have dice now and are waiting for replacements, correct?

If you have a regular d12; write numbers 1-12 next to each of the symbols of the first two columns in the pdf and use that as a look-up table.
If you only have a d6 available, assign as follows: 1 & 2 = one Bottle, 3 = two Bottles, 4 = one Bottle and one Star, or, two Stars (roll again to determine which; 1-3 = one Bottle one Star, 4-6 = two stars), 5 = one Star, 6 = one Blast.
The d6 method is not ideal but will give you the same probability as the d12. I’ve played a few games with just the d12 method and it works fine for a stand-in.

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