How to get a Luck die?

I’ve seen a physical luck die in some of the videos, which doesn’t seem to be included in the starter set or dice packs… How does one go about obtaining one of these, or are they non-official?

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I’m going to take a wild guess and suppose “non-official,” because if it WERE official, it’d be listed somewhere in the store. (Whether or not it’d be in STOCK would be another matter entirely.)

Really, you could use any die that has an even number of faces, because all you need is a 50/50 randomizer. We got by with using the black die and rolling to see if any blasts came up, but since we were having to pass the dice around the table so much (and it was a big table), eventually we just took to breaking out some six-siders and going “even or odd” so everyone could have his or her own “luck die” at hand (and not have to make a black die do double-duty).

If you don’t want to take the moment to figure out if a number is even or odd, and prefer custom dice, then I suppose you could take a six-sider and glue some paper to the sides to put a Luck token image on half the sides.

Yeah, I’d probably just go with a coin flip normally.

Anyway, I’ve since discovered that they are official - part of the Organised Play kits released by Modiphius.


This is correct they where part of the organised play kits

Huh. Well, my guess is wrong, then! Mild shame on Modiphius for not making this part of the starter kit and dice sets, then. :wink: (Trying to flip those little cardboard luck tokens is a sad exercise.)

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I posted this suggestion somewhere, but I can’t remember where. You could get the pack of bottle caps and glue a coin inside one of the caps and then use the random direction sticker to cover the coin. That way the cap has heft and will toss more like a coin. Heads or tails would be Nuka Cola or Arrow.

Some people were talking about a new design for the Luck dice when they make more OP kits, they’re going to make more but with all the stuff on their plate, it’s a lower priority.

@wittzo: Thanks for the suggestion of a coin for weight. We actually experimented with using bottle caps as luck points, but they did NOT flip well. I didn’t think of adding “ballast.”

Aren’t these the “Gary” dice? The ones you ‘win’ by yelling GARY! at Modiphius staff at gaming events? :grin:

Yes, seems so, though I’m not sure if they are available at all cons, or were just a GenCon thing. I’m hoping all cons, so I can nab one at Essen this year… :slight_smile:

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Yes, would be nice if we could get one in Essen

They had some at Gen-Con too. Not sure how they where given put just someone said they where out on Saterday.