Typo in the errata/faqs pdf

Hey, I was translating this file, and I have found this:
“(This does not allow using a ranged weapon in Close Combat, as that is not a Close Combat action, not a Shoot action.)”. It should be “as that is a Close Combat action…”
It is the question at top right, “items and equipment” section, within the FAQS.

Edited: Cards version section has, within unit list, an incoherent line about the Mutant Hound Fiend (it seems a copied line from X6-88 courser), it should be deleted (or this specific hound is not immune to radiation :sweat_smile:). I wrote this some time ago (and told to James more than a year ago, this is wrong still after releasing the wave 4 and 5) but better in this topic.
Even with the reference cards explained in the errata file, Survivors reference card creates confusion, because it comes wrong in the PDF after a lot of time (this is should be updated in its PDF, like Dogmeat and the other unit cards), even comes still wrong in the app!

Hey @DK-dark

  • You’re correct on the first one. The answer to the FAQ question ‘On the Orange Mentats Chem, what does the Action Point Use Icon mean?’ should read as follows;

A. Shooting. A model spending an AP on this can make a Shoot quick action. (This does not allow using a ranged weapon in Close Combat, as that is a Close Combat action, not a Shoot Action.’

  • The line that says ‘Radiation armor changed from X to 1’ for Mutant Hound Fiend on the table titled ‘Unit’ in the section of the FAQ called ‘Card Versions’ should be removed.

  • I don’t quite understand your query about the Survivors card. Could you describe the issues with the card in the PDF and the app?


About the Survivor reference card, I just mean it is outdated in the pdf and the app (I sent an email to Jamie), there are still people who think it give 2 tokens to unique models and 1 to normal models, because they look for it in the original (wrong), in the app (wrong), and in the last reference cards pdf (wrong), if you don’t see it at the last page in the errata, you don’t know it, and people ask for this in facebook group, because the latest pdf still has the card outdated (this pdf was released after the last errata pdf)

Hey @DK-dark

Just to be sure that I understand your query.

The errata states the following;

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 10.54.25

This is not currently reflected in the app or the most up to date reference card document, but it should be to match the errata, am I right?

And just to be sure we’re both looking at the same reference card document, you are referring to the document titled ‘wave_5_cards_reference_may17.pdf’ under ‘Game Cards’ on this link?

yes, you are right. I am referring to that pdf yes

Super. We’ll correct the card in that file when we next come to updating them.