Turning myself in

I downloaded the free STA Klingon Quickstart and had it printed at a “big box” copy-type store. When I went to pick it up, the employee kindly pointed out that it really shouldn’t have been printed and to be careful next time.

Egad… she was right from what I can tell. I had it printed because I have vision problems and reading electronic copies is uncomfortable for me.

So, I am assuming that, in general, just because I own a pdf of a Modiphius product doesn’t necessarily allow me to print a hardcopy of that same product. Could someone clarify, please? I’d love to be able to print out the various pdf adventures, etc., but sincerely don’t want to do anything I shouldn’t out of respect to Modiphius and its contributors.


I don’t work for Modiphius or have any other connection to them other than as a customer, but I can’t see any reasonable company having issue with you doing a not-for-material-gain /fair-use print job like that.
I’m in my late 50’s myself and pdfs are nice for being able to expand the typeset, but I’m also old enough to prefer dead tree… I can read a pdf for pleasure but when I’m looking for game information flipping pages is much faster for me than swiping screens.

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Modiphius delivers with all his pysical books two PDFs, one of them is printer friendly. I think there is no problem, if you print it out once for your own use.

Modiphius providing a “printer-friendly” copy is a strong hint, I think (too).

Yet, there cannot be a general answer to your question, because it does not only relate to Modiphius’ policy, but also to your local legislation. Even if (which I would severely doubt) Modiphius would (which I, again, severely doubt) prohibit printing out printer friendly copies (again, I doubt this, because it sounds dumb, and Modiphius doesn’t seem dumb), it might still be legal where you are. :wink:

Also: Printing out something that isn’t available in print AND was provided free of charge doesn’t seem too problematic (but my local legislation generally doesn’t know the concept of “punitive damages”, so…).

That having said, I also do not work for Modiphius. Maybe we wait for @Modiphius-Jim to read a clear position on printing out printer-friendlies and/or free Quick Starts. :slight_smile:

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It can be an awkward subject when it comes to this sort of thing, and can even leave you with official advice followed by a nudge and a wink.

Anything you own as a pdf is fair for you to print yourself at home. Having it commercially printed is more questionable because it brings up questions as to motives and copyright. The fact the quickstart isnt available in print does make it slightly more understandable.

Personally, I wouldnt go asking a store to print whole books, as they are likely to start asking questions. (I know some stores will just refuse). As a possible alternative, I know that Drivethru used to do print on demand copies of the printer friendly versions. Is this still a thing?

Tldr, I dont think you did anything morally wrong here, but questionable against copyright. Probably don’t do this with full books that you can buy print copies of though

Modiphius can’t dictate to print shops what they can and can’t print. Many places won’t print copyrighted or trademarked content, esp stuff that looks like it’s from a major IP. For personal use only, print away; but you need to find a print shop that’ll do it without giving you a hard time.


My advice: go to France (and maybe other countries). We got a law there that gives right to a private copy (for no commercial use) of any item you legally own. (we tax digital storage, printers and replicating items (including replicators once they will be there), to pay authors).


I think it applies to the whole EU. Legislation in Germany is comparable.

Sorry, UK, you wanted that. :wink:

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Print the pdf, and show them. Increase the font size just to be sure. (it’s UK law if you’re not from there more search is needed)

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I’ve had sort of similar printing problems with trying to get PDF books I bought printed from other companies in the US at one place in New Orleans. This even included a module that had a separate PDF of printing instruction for home use and advice on if you took it to a print shop to have it printed since the publisher was not going to re-issue the book in print form it was only in PDF format. I actually had to email the publisher and bring in a copy of the email from them saying it was ok for me to print a copy for personal use.

The worst is not being able to print up character sheets or premade characters. “No sir I just need these 2 pages 5 copies of them front and back they are character sheets for the game. What, but it even says in small print permission granted to photocopy for personal use on each page in small print”

Some copy places let you self print using a copier that USB reader. If you can just put a copy on a USB and print it your self. The same shops can bind the copy and don’t throw a fit as they aren’t looking at the pages of the copy, that they would if you asked them to copy it yourself.

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Printer friendly isn’t just for dead treeing it; it’s also the better choice for those using eInk readers…
I’ve a 10.4" eInk… and the books are shrunk a bit, bust still legible.

@Modiphius-Jim - a 1 liner like on character sheets goes a LONG way.

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