Troubled beginnings

As I’m new to wasteland warfare I’ve been playing the first scenario troubled beginnings a few times before moving on to the more complicated missions.

I play as the survivors against the mutant ai and 5 out of 6 games have finished with no side winning the scenario, I was wondering if that seems right of perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

The scenario is only 4 rounds long and I’m sure one more round would yield a winner but I stick to the written rules.

I found this too with the AI - the random behaviour can seriously mess up the super mutants chances of winning. You MUST get to the markers with all three mutants as fast as possible or you’ve got little chance to reach the fourth marker by the end of the game.

Thankfully, from scenario 2 onwards this ceases to be an issue. :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s good to know.

Your right there isn’t much time for messing about. It’s a difficult scenario to win.

The one time when the ai did win I ignored their dice roll and went for the objective. It’s good to know this isn’t an issue in future scenarios.

I was thinking of adding a 5th round, I’m sure this will allow for a win, but it isn’t sticking to the rules…

Remember the AI’s roll is kinda like a guidline, if it looks wrong go for what you think they would do