Trigger rune and cover

If a model triggers a rune, but is through a terrain that gives cover from normal ranged attacks, will it get cover from the rune?


We don’t have an answer for this right now, I have passed this question along to the designer.

Modiphius- NathanP

Hi stHonor,

After looking for an answer to your question some more, we found that on page 70, the rules for Area Effect, which would also cover Runes, states that 2Objects that offer cover between the center of the area of effect and an affected model either block the effect completely (if Line of Sight is Blocked) or count as Cover, giving the target model bonus [Y] to its Armor Rating…"

So if there is cover that blocks LoS from the center of the rune to the model, then the model wouldn’t be affected by the Rune but if the Rune has obscured LoS to the model then they would receive cover.

Sorry that the answer took a little while to get to you but I hope this clears up any confusion you’ve had.