Invisibility spell and runes

Good day, such a question, is casting a rune spell a trigger for removing invisibility from the model that cast the spell?

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As written, I don’t believe it is as casting a Rune spell isn’t, in of itself, an Attack, just a Special Action.

Then if we consider the rune cast as an attack action, then a special symbol on dice triggers additional rules on the rune map, and then the critical value from the test cube also adds black dice.

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I don’t consider it an Attack action; the damage dice themselves are rolled when the rune is triggered, not when it’s cast and, logically, I don’t see that the rune triggering should affect the caster’s invisibility as they could be nowhere near it at that point.

It does raise an interesting point as to whether Runes can benefit from critical successes (i.e. an additional Black die) as the skill roll happens independently (and potentially in different rounds) to the rune itself triggering. If critical, do you just try and remember that, when triggered, it will have an additional black die in the pool or does it not gain one?

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Hey all,

Runes are not Attacks, so would therefore, not remove Invisible upon cast.

The second query really deserves its one thread as to not be lost amongst other queries but I can field it here.

Runes should not benefit from Criticals for the very reason that has been laid out in the thread - it wouldn’t be fair on the players to retain the information that a Crit has been rolled between turns.