TNG Themed Starship Combat Sheets

My group plays exclusively in the TNG era, so I have made custom TNG themed sheets for space combat, which includes stations such as operations. Communications got split up so that the security officer is responsible for hailing and answering hails, the operations officer does signals jamming and a command officer asks for a damage report. I think this division fits better thematically for TNG and works better with the required Disciplines for the tasks. Also, there are new sheets and new tasks for the chief medical officer and the chief engineer, and some work for counselors.

Here is the new overview list. Should I not be allowed to share my sheets you would have to create them yourselves:

Command (replaces Commanding Officer and parts of Communications)

  • Used by roles:
    • Commanding Officer
    • Executive Officer
    • Counselor
  • Tasks:
    • Direct (CO and XO only)
    • Rally (CO and XO only)
    • Counsel: (Counselor only.) The character counsels the CO, attempting an Insight + Medicine Task with Difficulty 0. This is functionally the same as Rally, but for the Counselor role.
    • Damage Report (taken from Communications)
    • Casualty Report (optional Task from Gamemaster’s Guide)

Conn (replaces Helm and Navigation)

  • Used by roles:
    • Flight Controller
  • Tasks:
    • Maneuver
    • Impulse
    • Warp
    • Evasive Action
    • Attack Pattern
    • Ramming Speed
    • Plot Course
    • Chart Hazard
  • Notes: This sheet remains completely unchanged, except for the title.

Security/Tactical (replaces Security Oversight and Tactical and parts of Communications)

  • Used by roles:
    • Chief of Security
  • Tasks:
    • Fire Weapon
    • Modulate Shields
    • Tractor Beam
    • Deploy Security
    • Hailing Frequencies Open (taken from Communications)
    • Respond to Hail (taken from Communications)

Operations (replaces Sensor and Internal Systems)

  • Note: This variant of the Operations station includes Sensor Operations as well, like Data’s Operations station. If you have both an operations manager and a science officer (like Harry Kim and Seven), ignore the Sensors Tasks and use the Science station below.
  • Used by roles:
    • Operations Manager
  • Tasks:
    • Sensor Sweep
    • Scan for Weakness
    • Launch Probe
    • Signals Jamming (taken from Communications)
    • Power Management
    • Regenerate Shields
    • Damage Control
    • Transporters
  • Science (replaces Sensors)
    • Note: If you have a Science station, you can use this sheet. In that case, remove the Sensors Tasks from the Operations station above.
    • Used by roles:
      • Science Officer
    • Tasks:
      • Sensor Sweep
      • Scan for Weakness
      • Launch Probe


  • Used by roles:
    • Chief Engineer
  • Tasks:
    • Coordinate: The chief engineer coordinates and prepares their engineering staff for incoming damage, attempting a Reason + Engineering Task with a Difficulty of 1, assisted by the ship’s Communications + Engineering, to create an Advantage or generate Momentum.
    • Power Management (at -1 Difficulty)
    • Regenerate Shields (at -1 Difficulty)
    • Damage Control (at -1 Difficulty)
    • Repair System: Normal or Extended Daring or Control + Engineering Task, Difficulty varies.
    • Stabilize Warp Core (from Core Rulebook)
    • Eject Warp Core (from Core Rulebook)
    • Work Miracles (this Task is mentioned for main engineering in the Core Rulebook, I just gave it a name)
  • Notes: I think the chief engineer is the only one who can perform repairs in battle under normal circumstances, hence I included the Task.


  • Used by roles:
    • Chief Medical Officer
  • Tasks:
    • Coordinate: The CMO coordinates and prepares their medical staff for incoming casualties, attempting a Reason + Medicine Task with a Difficulty of 1, assisted by the ship’s Communications + Medicine, to create an Advantage or generate Momentum.
    • Emergency Response (this Task is mentioned for sickbay in the Core Rulebook, I just gave it a name)
    • Triage: Daring + Medicine Task with Difficulty 3, assisted by the ship’s Structure + Medicine. Success means that the character performing the Casualty Report Task may re-roll 1 [CD], plus one additional die per Momentum (Repeatable). May only be performed after the ship has suffered a Breach.
    • Hazard Protocols: Control + Medicine Task with Difficulty 3, assisted by the ship’s Sensors + Medicine. Success means that each crew member gains 1 [CD] Resistance against stress inflicted by a single hazard, plus one additional die per Momentum (Repeatable).
    • First Aid (taken from Core Rulebook, used if a PC got injured)
  • Notes: The Triage Task is intended to be used if you play with the optional Casualty Report Task.

You may notice that both the CMO and the Chief Engineer can do a Coordinate Task. This is esentially just a pre-configured Create Advantage Task at -1 Difficulty due to their Advantage “Medical Department” or “Engineering Department”. This is their default Task if they have nothing else to do.

I have some nice PDF sheets as well. @Modiphius-Jim am I allowed to share these? They are basically reworks of the sheets that came with the Borg Cube and use graphical LCARS assets from several STA materials.

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Great work!!

The only thing: Why is the Counsellor using Medicine? I know, it’s probably a skill thye’re trained in, yet I’d consider both Command or Conn to be more fitting, intuitively.

I wanted the counselor to use their likely “primary” Discipline. I imagine the counsel to be something psychology-related, hence Medicine fits imho. Maybe Command would fit as well.

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Are you allowed to share them?

Still waiting for a response from @Modiphius-Jim , but I guess they are busy with more Star Trek content :slight_smile:

@Shran, has there been any word yea or nay about being able to share your sheets? Inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no response yet.

Apologies–I honestly don’t recall the details on this–email me jim at with the sheets etc and let me take a look.

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Please correct me if I’m quoting you wrong @Modiphius-Jim. I have to redesign the sheets since the layout and design is too close to the official ones right now. But if the design is sufficiently different, I’m allowed to share them.

However, no ETA yet on the redesign. I’ll update the thread once its finished and approved.

Yep. The ones you created are great, but nearly indistinguishable from the Modiphius-produced reference cards available in the gm screen and starter set. Change up the color palette and fonts, and remove the graphic, redesign etc.

Thanks for your support!

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OK, I got permission from @Modiphius-Jim to share the PDF after the redesign. Unfortunately, I can’t edit the top post, so you get the download link here:

There are some additional stations:

  • Away Team: Minor Actions and general combat Tasks
  • Mission Ops I: Momentum und Determination spends
  • Mission Ops II: Stress Effects and item Qualities

Please feel free to report any typos, errors, etc.