The Unexpected Shepherd... Need for source book to play?

I own and love the miniatures game. I’ve had some interest in the FWW RPG,but I don’t have a group that would commit to it… :unamused:. This new solo module certainly has caught my attention.

For those in the know, is this new solo module a good way to test the RPG system out? Do you need to have the RPG rulebook to play it? Thanks.

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It says on the page you need a copy of the RPG book. I’m in the same boat as you, I’m really tempted to buy the RPG book to play this choose your own adventure style of play :smile:

Bah. I didn’t see that in the 2 emails I received or the Drivethru page.

(calls eye doctor to make an appointment)

It’s on the Modiphius store page :nerd_face: