The great game collector's edition

Is there going to be a collector’s edition of the great game? I could only find the standard edition on the website.

Unfortunately Andy has confirmed that there is only the standard edition.

Modiphius did say that they were going to stop doing collectors editions at Dragonmeet, though I wasn’t expecting it quite so soon.

That’s a shame. I quite liked them aesthetically.

Sadly so. We do miss them too.
But if there is enough (polite) call for collector’s editions we may take another look at the costs. :slight_smile:

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Please Sir, I want some more (Collectors editions)… :rofl:

Seriously, though I do like the geometric collectors editions that I’d be happy to get another copy.

I choose the collector editions too, so count me in too!

I’d be up for one. To be honest, I like them for campaign books and rulebooks. “Consumables” like adventures, I only buy pdfs.