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The Fallout-Test starts

Here we go!
In about 5 minutes my players for our first Fallout RPG-Test-Session are about to arrive. Hell, I’m excited :cowboy_hat_face:


hope you got an intense session.

The universe is actually quite absent, needing the GM has played to many of the PC game ( it’s my case), but i understand it very well it’s a beta version.

Every skill and perks are here, here is the tasty atmospher of a fallout game.
Reading the rules seems easy, but not always clearly organized… for example, in the rule mention is done about AP pools and finally it’s explained later in the rules.

One point will began complicate to manage… Initiative… Always the same to act at first??? A character with high perception should specialise in energy weapons, he shoots first and he hits… Fight will became a bit boring.

For our part in our group we are using since many year another system of initiative (perc+agility+1d6) which generate Action Point and each time an action is done, the AP cost is taken, so during a round it’s always changing and give to everyone the pleasure to be involved in such game session.

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Hi there!

The beta is a closed playtest and so cannot be discussed on the public forums here. If you are a part of the playtest you will have been emailed regarding being invited to a private forum where the Fallout beta playtest can be discussed. Please refrain from making posts about the Fallout playtest outside of the private forum as it is considered a breach of the NDA, as such, I’ll be locking this thread to prevent further public discussion.