Talents list question

So a while ago I posted about my talents spreadsheet I created in Airtable (https://www.reddit.com/r/startrekadventures/comments/th65en/talents_list_spreadsheetdatabase/). I intentionally removed the ability for viewers to copy/paste or download the data, so as to not step on Modiphius’ toes. Someone posted on reddit requesting that ability. How useful can a tool be before it becomes “too useful” and Modiphius needs to discourage its use in lieu of folks buying their books?

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I’d say downloading and cutting and pasting is a bit too useful.

I don’t recall if you can cut and paste out of the character builder.

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You can copy/paste from the character builder.

Thanks for the response. I will keep the table as-is. I do recall I had asked about adding something else, and you said it was too far… I think it was ship frames? But that was at least a year before Utopia Planitia came out, so a moot point anyway since my ship frame excel doc is out of date.

Edit: I have a lot of stuff I’ve put in for myself… what’s the best way to inquire about sharing it? Some of it is refined views of the talent list, also not copyable (e.g. ship-specific talents); but there are other things like a list of species and what book(s) they’re in, or a list of commendations/reputation spends.

Copy/pasting from the tool doesn’t lend itself to a nicely-formatted table. It’s nicer than trying to extract the lists from the page source or inspecting via developer tools, but it would be inconvenient for someone to try to make a list sortable by anything other than name or type of talent.

BTW you can just export your spreadsheet to PDF and copy the text from there. As long as the talent text is publicly available on the web, there is no reliable way to prevent people from copying it.

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Yeah… but even the steps of exporting to pdf (or other methods) of getting the text are inconvenient enough for some people to not do them. The talents also aren’t useful without the rest of the rules—if someone needs the talents, they intend to play and have the rulebook (or are borrowing it from someone bought it).