Surface navy ships

I keep seeing talk about surface navy vessels in the books for each faction but I do not see stats. Am I missing something?

I have every sourcebook for Mutant Chronicles and as far as I know there no stats for navy vessels.

Yeah, nothing… but it would not be super hard making up something.

Yeah it is alot of seas on the different planets, we all want to have a pirate fight on the seas of venus with maybe some kraken monster showing up. There is some sea monsters on dark eden also, but no rules for seas. But i think it would be best to just use the tanks and cars mentioned and make it the same. But if you ask me, most of the cars is to fragile. I had a guy explode a used car with a piranha handgun, and one of my guys slashed the underside of a armored car with a dagger. I mean, its cinimatic as ■■■■, but its sometimes hard to keep a straight face.

Anyone wanna help me work on some stats for them? I think I’m going to try in my free time this week

Well, post your ideas here and we can surely give feedback :slight_smile:

It’s certainly given me a few ideas.

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