Stunned and Outnumbered

If I have two models engaged with an enemy model, but one of mine is stunned, do I get the Green die with the other model if I attack with a CC action? I don’t find anything about that, just 3 rules:

  • Stunned models don’t block the enemy movements.
  • Stunned models don’t get a free attack when they are disengaged.
  • Other models get +2 to their CC actions against stunned models.
    It seems you get the Outnumbered bonus even being Stunned with 1 of the engaged models.


As per page 24, the additional Green Dice is granted to models that are Outnumbered. Outnumbered looks for a model being engaged with multiple opposing models. No reference is made to if those models are Stunned.

Given that the rule does not check for if any of those models are Stunned, we can confirm that you do get the additional Green dice for Outnumbering with a Stunned model. Outnumbering does not care if the model providing the additional dice is Stunned, only that they are engaged .