Getting rid of the stun

Greetings everyone!

I have a question in regards to stuns and programs. There are two programs which say “immediately perform a quick action to move directly\away from\to the leader”.

So is that right, that i can use these programs to get rid of the stun as then I would perform quick action move, which is optional to move action in order to get rid of the stun?

Could you post pictures of the two sub system cards so we can look into this further?


Here they are.

Here is how I’m thinking

Since the rules say “A model with the Stunned condition can perform no Action other than to use a
Move Action (or Quick Action, if able) to remove the Stunned Marker.” The model with a stun, which is forced to make a quick action move immediately discards stun token without moving. Is that correct?


So from my reading of things, you could use Program: Synchronized or Program: Volley, gain the Stun Token and then clear that Stun with the Quick Action Move from either Program: Spread or Program: Return.


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