Stun Questions - Stun Baton, Blade of the East, Etc

Can a model be stunned more than once or once they have a stun token on them they cannot receive another?

For example model A attacks with a stun baton and rolls a bottle (no reaction icon on model B so they are stunned). Model A attacks model B again and rolls another bottle. Does model B now have 2 stun tokens. What if model A has a quick action attack and rolls a third bottle. Does model B now have 3 stun tokens? Thus model B’s next turn and half of his following turn is just shaking off the stuns. I know it is unlikely to happen this way but I want to make sure we are playing it out right.

Another question on stuns if double bottles are rolled with the stun baton and a model can be stunned more than once can you use both the bottles to place two stun tokens on that model? Another way to phrase it Blade of the East stuns on stars. If you roll double stars is the model stunned twice and thus has two stun tokens on it now.

Thanks for the help!

The status effect tokens cannot be stacked (p.48).
About rolling double nuka cola or star, that means you could spend 2 of them (or even more if you can roll more blue dice) on any effect whenever you could “pay” the cost of the desired effect, usually 1 icon (so you could pay the cost twice) or 2 icons (p.20).
Sometimes, a white circle with a number could appear in some cards, wich tells you how many times you could “pay” for the effect.

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Thank you so much! That clears everything up for me!

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Hey @KingoftheZetans

So @DK-dark has it correct. The same Condition cannot effect the same model twice.


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