Stress & Injuries

If a character has 4 stress remaining and takes 5 points of stress, how many injuries do they suffer?

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They would take two injuries: one for the attack inflicting 5+ Stress in one go (you ignore the excess, but the attack still hit for that much, after resistance), and one for hitting maximum Stress.


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Dear Modiphius team,

Just a small question from me : when you heal injuries with magic, do they get to the “treated” phase or do they automatically get healed ?

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I would offer that spells that use the word “remove”, like the Bounties of Dagda spell (Player’s Guide p145), are using the same word as in the Healing Injuries section (Player’s Guide p38), when it says “Removing an injury entirely takes time and rest.”

I would suggest concluding that when the word “remove” is used in a spell, that it means “removing an injury entirely.”