Strength and Physique into Brawn?

Has anyone tried merging Strength and Physique into Brawn, like what was done in Infinity, and Conan?

Some have tried, but I don’t know whether that succeeded in “bettering” the MC3 game experience.
MC3 has a very different damage model, so you probably need to revise all the damage stats for all NPCs and the PCs, the healing rules, many skills and talents for those skills (not only the Athletics and Resistance trees, but the medical skills and talents and equipment, too).

In character creation all the steps giving attribute increases have to be revised, too.

I estimate this to be a major effort, that is not worth my time.
Actually, I would have liked the old MC3 damage model in Infinity, too, as Infinity can deal with that degree of detail.
For Conan it is fine, and for other 2d20 games the core stats were even more condensed than in Conan (or Infinity).

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Yes, I GM’ed the Dark Legion Campaign with " Brawn ", it worked, not sure if it was better. This is the Character Sheets we used
Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Life_Path_Worksheet_V1.5.2(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (275.0 KB)
Mutant_Chronicles_Character_Sheets_V1.5.4(Printer_Friendly)Fillable.pdf (596.4 KB)

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