Storing the minis

This is my first official miniatures game, and I am stoked. I just started painting the minis last night, and I am wondering, how are people storing these? The Battlefoam solution for the base game box looks great. But I am looking for something that will store everything including the expansion minis, like those carry bags with the foam trays from Battlefoam and Miniature Market.

Any opinion on these products? Any other suggestions?

I go with the Feldherr XXL minis case.

Good and solid case, optional carrying sling available seperately if you want to go that way. And you can fill it with your choice of foam trays, so it should fit pretty much everything you want to put in there (unless it’s bigger than the case :wink: ).
With the 4x9 compartments foam tray fitting your average mini dudes, the case holds up to 252 minis, i.e. 7 trays. Deeper trays or bigger minis obviously lower that number, but you should still be able to fit every Fallout mini released so far into one case and have room to spare for more to come.


My preferred method for storing all miniatures, including Wastaland Warfare, is to magnetize the base, and place them on metal sheets upright. This has a few advantages over foam based systems:

  1. Density - You can store about twice as many miniatures in the same volume of space when it isn’t being filled by foam.

  2. Cost - The cost of magnetic adhesive sheets, metal sheets, velcro tape, and transparent plastic stackable boxes add up to less than buying specialized foam cases.

  3. Convenience - Not only is it easier to get minis in and out because you literally just pick them up, but if you store them in transparent plastic containers like I do, you can just look at the outside of your boxes to find the right box that has what you are looking for. No need to unzip foam cases, take out the inserts, and rummage through them looking for the right miniature.

  4. Flexibility - Once the miniatures are magnetized, it’s easy to transfer them from case to case. I don’t have to worry about having a foam cut-out space that matches the dimensions of the miniature. This makes it easy to say, store all mini’s from one game in one big container, but when traveling to a game night where you only need a handful, transfer them to a smaller box. I’ve seen people that buy dresser drawers and put metal sheets in there to store mass amounts.

The downside is that it you don’t get quite as much protection. I wouldn’t use this method if I were going to ship a package of assembled/painted miniatures that is going to get tossed around a lot. I can turn the cases upside down and the mini’s will stay in place. But if I shake them violently, they will come lose. I find this is enough protection for everyday purposes and to put them in the trunk of my car without worrying about them. But if I were worried about children or animals that might be really rough with them, this wouldn’t be so great.

Some bases, like the ones that come with Infinity miniatures, have a recess on the underside that is deep enough to superglue a small, rare-earth magnet to the underside of the base. This is what I do if I’m able to.

In the case of bases that are flat on the bottom like Fallout, I buy flat magnetic sheets that are adhesive on one side. I just stick them to the bottom of the miniature and then cut around the edges with scissors. Even though the magnetic sheets are weaker than rare-earth magnets, if the diameter of the base is big enough in relation to the weight of the miniature, they still stay in place unless you shake them quite a bit.

Here are the magnetic sheets that I buy:

Here are the metal sheets I stick them to:

The plastic containers that the metal sheets fit inside:

I use velcro tape to secure the metal sheets to the containers:

That should be all you need. You can get different sizes of metal sheets and containers. If you do, you’ll want to pick up some tin/metal snips to cut the metal sheets if you need to fit them into a container like this:


I went with these Counterblast storage trays from Bombshell Miniatures:


Then went and stuck 2 in each Fallout lunchbox:

They fit perfectly in the Vault Tec one, and okay-ish in the Nuka Cola ones (turns out these have slightly different dimensions). I then took some generic pluck foam and filled another lunchbox for standing supermutants. Left me with 2 boxes for my mutants and 1 for my survivors.

Obviously isn’t going to be an efficient solution if you went all-in and want to store every mini in the game.

@noderunner’s magnetic solution: this is usually my preferred storage/transport method for minis, it really does work! Unfortunately I decided to use clear bases for this game, so I skipped on it this time. Note that the Fallout lunchboxes are all magnetic metal though :wink:


Oh, one tip I forgot to add. If you get into other miniatures games and decide to use rare-earth magnets on the bases, don’t go overboard. I’ve had a few miniatures where the magnet was so strong that when pulling on the miniature I was more likely to pull off a limb than disconnect it from the metal tray.

I use kr multicase myself, their trays for 28mm infantry fit humans fine, terminator trays easily accommodate power armour and they do pick and pluck for models with a more unusual profile.

The websites a bit of an ■■■■ to use though.

Thanks for the detailed explanation and all the links.
I use a similar albeit inferior method.

I drilled a 5x2mm hole in the midle off every base and glued a 5x2 nedinium magnet into it. I am also using a Vaultech lunchbox for the models. With the magnetisation every model from the starter + the whole BoS faction fits into one box. (well, three guys are hanging from the lid, but no problem with it.


I bought some stuff from battlefoam