Folded Space Fallout Wasteland Warfare Trays - now on sale

Folded Space

Hey folks,

you may have seen that Folded Space have been previewing a tray set for Wasteland Warfare.

Well, its on sale now!

I’ve got one, it fits perfectly into the 2P starter set box and holds all the cards we’ve released so far, with space for more expansions (which means we better make more…)

Its a great price, a solid product and I honestly recommend it (I use folded space for my non Modiphius games too, so this is a personal recommendation, not a shill).

Check them out.


Mine should be on its way to me shortly; my DIY insert is already in the bin :smiley:

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I know I can Google it, but a link might make it more likely for others to follow up on your post.

The blue Folded Space at the top of the post is a link.

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Guerilla Miniature Games did a quick review of these:

For those of you interested in this, worth the 5 min :smile: