Stats for non-human foes

A bit of a follow-up from this thread last year Non-human enemies but was wondering if there were any examples of stats for non-human foes?

Am thinking of doing a gladiatorial scene for one of the players - against a bull (Salusan or otherwise) - seems fitting as they are on Caladan and it may bring up some memories of the Duke Paulus’ death years previously…

I’d be more tempted to make them a Difficulty to be overcome rather than a full combat.
But a battle score and the asset ‘big horns’ should be all you need :slight_smile:

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In this particular case I wanted to give one of the players an extended scene - she’s the only combat-oriented character and hasn’t always got a lot to do as I don’t run combat scenes very often, so want to make the scene a bit more ‘meaty’.

I’ll probably create a couple of ‘talents’ specifically for the beast to make the combat interesting.

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