Stats for Iconic Characters

Curious as to whether anyone has statted the following and/or knows if they’ll be appearing in future supplements?

Red Sonja
Thulsa Doom

I presume stats for Thulsa Doom will be in the Kull book. I know that Red Sonja was technically not a Howard creation, but I thought someone might have worked her up. I have some ideas for. And Akivasha would seem to be more than just a regular vampire. One idea I have for her is to give her a trio of lamia handmaidens. But I thought people more familiar with comic book lore might have additional ideas.

Among other things, down the road I’m thinking about working up a fun comic-book time travel adventure with both Conan and Kull (and Red Sonja) pitted against a number of iconic villains that would include Akivasha of course.

This is my take of red Sonja:
She is a mature woman of 52 years old and I have her in my Conan adventures from 2007 :slight_smile:

Awa Int Per Will
13 9 10 12
Agi Bra Coo
14 13 14 (1)
Combat 5 Movement 5
Fortitude 3 Senses 4
Knowledge 3 Social 1

■■ Stress: Vigor 16, Resolve 16
■■ Soak: Armor 0 (Hot chainmale), Courage 4

■■ Long sword (M): Reach 3, 9 CD, 2H, Vicious 1
■■ Broad sword (M): Reach 2, 8 CD, 1
■■ Short sword (M): Reach 1, 7 CD, 1
■■ Zhaibar knife (M): Reach 2, 7 CD, 1
■■ Dagger (M): Reach 1, 6 CD, 1H, Hidden 1,Thrown
■■ Shield (M): Reach 2, 5 CD, 1H, KD, Shield 2
■■ Savage reputation (T): Range C, 6

■■ Decapitation Strike: If Sonja strikes from an ambuch
she gains the Intense quality for her first round’s of attacks
■■ “None but He Who Has Bested Me…”: Sonja
boasts that any man who is not her equal in battle is
unworthy of her regard. When challenged bu an intended
paramour, Sonja may perform one Swift Action for free,
though this action is at one additional step of Difficulty.
■■ Decade of Strikes: Sonja get a full momentum pool
of 6 Mom the second round she attacks.
■■ Inhuman Coordination: Sonja got +1 succés on
all of hers coordination test
■■ Legendary Godess: When facing an opponent
Sonja rolls as many dice to Parry as hers enemy has
rolled to attack her. She adds +1d20 to any attack against
Mobs or Squads. She may re-roll 7 CD. Comanding
someone she got -2 diff

■■ Hot Chainmale: She is so sexy in her chainmale
something she has come to cultivate and exploit. By
spending X Doom cost and hiding her weapons, she can
increase the Difficulty of any Insight test made to oppose
her ambush/sneak attack by X.
■■ BLESSED: Once per day Sonja can open a mystical
dimension gate over time and space. Sonja can see
where she want to go thru dimensions and the gate is
open 20 turns, then is closed. Pay 8 doom. this take a
loot of energy from her – she get 15 fatuege points and is
exhousted. But can heal herself if she rest 3 round to do
nothing att all. People that get in to the gate get 1 trauma
and have to roll D3 diciplin test, ( 7CD resolve damage).


That’s a pretty strong write-up and it certainly gives me something to build from. I’d probably give her some soak on the armor, but only for the (relatively few) covered areas since we use the hit location die. The dimensional gate is powerful but could fit with what I want to do with the characters anyhow. But we’d be using her as a PC so doom spends would not apply.

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Great that you can use it - Yeahhh she is a real bad ■■■ :slight_smile: