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Star Trek Mariner Season 1 Pitch

I completed the outline for my STA campaign and posted it on my new blog STAR TREK: MARINER. Set in 2166 the Mariner campaign will pick up after the canon events of Enterprise and the Rise of the Federation series of novels by Christopher L. Bennett. I’ve made some minor adjustments to suit my own tastes but hope it will make an enjoyable premise for a Star Trek storyline. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Work is ongoing on the campaign design. As well as developing the character concepts for the principals I’ve also been trying to create an appropriate visual style for the campaign material. I’m not certain if I will be able to find a group locally so I may have to take the campaign online at some point by way of Fantasy Grounds. I am excited by the possibility because I think that with the right presentation the electronic medium would be an excellent vehicle for Trek gaming. I have never liked computers for fantasy RPGs. Maybe it’s the faux wood panels on many of the old school UIs; It just looked like MDF with a veneer. This presents some challenges because I haven’t familiarized myself with the virtual tabletop. In addition to writing and design duties I’m going to have to learn FG in order to, “make it go”. For now here is a sample of the character reference cards I’ve been working on. Depending on the character affiliation I will be introducing variations. For another ships’s company I will design a different badge for the ship file. For villains and non affiliated NPCs I am considering creating a Memory Alpha historical file. I still have a lot to learn about character design. I used the Character creator app to make LCdr Winfield and think I may have included too much information. I will revisit him and probably use the design system intended for notable or major NPCs. The structure involved in designing a PC made him more focused and maybe better at his job than I might have liked. characterOleWinfield

Are you recruiting for this game at this time?

Not yet but, your interest is greatly appreciated! Making stuff can be a challenge so it’s gratifying to think that someone else might be interested too. On the story front I just had a major breakthrough on my plot that justifies what is going on behind the curtain. On the design front I’ve been looking at creating some player handouts themed to the setting. In “later” Trek storylines the Federation News Service is news outlet within Federation Space. I’m not sure what the state of news agencies is in the young Federation but in my continuity there are still independent, smaller services. Among humans the Global News Net is one of the providers. I’m pretty sure GNN is part of the old school MOO video games and it was one of my favorites so I’ll likely keep the acronym as a reference for a laugh.

The next member of Mariner’s senior staff is laid out. I still have to figure out more consistent spacing for text. I probably should include a layer of lines in the template to keep everything together. I still have to go back and edit some mistakes I made in Ole’s sheet too. In the case of both characters I have bios for both but didn’t want to clutter the reference card with more info. I will probably produce separate bio cards for all characters.

I made some slight revisions to the Moller character but he is complete with a bio and ready to be assigned to a ship; Even if you have another era in mind. Moller ProfileSoren_Mollertitlecard

did you write some adventures, that are downloadable?