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STA @ PAXAus 2018


Call for Help (2409)

Station Commanders Log; Stardate 87652.49. We’re a week out from being ready to open the new Transwarp Hub, once complete it will link the Hotep Sector to the rest of the Federation. While most of the staff is on leave, I have allowed the USS Venture to dock for minor repairs. Chief Barns reports no significant delays in construction despite these additional duties. I only wish he could track down that errant Tetryon leak we’re still seeing in the Hub’s macro-buffer so easily…

Hi all, if anyone here has an interest I will be running games of STA at PAXAus (26th, 27th and 28th October) sessions are 5pm till 7pm and 7pm-9pm on Friday, 7pm till 9pm, then 9pm till 11pm on Saturday and finally 1pm-3pm on Sunday. The game genre is Thriller and no prior knowledge of the system is required.

Modiphius has very kindly given me a bunch of Khan mini’s to give to players and some other freebies.

Update: Modiphius have also generously give me a discount code for people that come to PAXAus and find me and i also have a ship code for Star Trek Online to give away for players thanks to Cryptic Studios


I would have loved to come down from Sydney, maybe next year.
I haven’t been able to get to a PAX Aus yet :cry:

Did you get many players? I’m planning on running some at the local conventions.

I ran 5 sessions, and had 24 or 25 players across those, not quite the turnout I had planned for, the year before was 4 games with 25ish players between them.

The RPG area didn’t feel as well organised this year, a few people I spoke to just couldn’t find it at all as it was tucked away behind other things and not well signed. And it was off the beaten path so it lacked the same walk-up’s from last year.

My suggestion is your going to run STA at a convention is to remember that cause your trying to teach the system in a short time remember to keep it light and unlike normal play don’t worry about herding your players along when the get distracted with something shiny.