Rescue at Xerses IV Pocasts by Kritfayle

Our happy little band of players now tackles Star Trek Adventures. I was super skeptical when I first bought the core book close to its release. I have played all the previous RPG’s and while I think they tried really hard, they just didn’t feel right to me. Trek seems to be hard to do right. But I was really impressed with what Modiphius did and that they supported it with adventures. Our first campaign ended just before Covid. We played through the season 1 living campaign. We have only just come back to it and only one of our troupe has played this version before so it was all new players just about.

We intend to do a mix of the living campaign, the bought adventures (I have most of them) and These are the Voyages and Strange New Worlds. So a lot to come.

we do make a few rule mistakes as we have not played in a more than a year and the two of us forgot how to do somethings and we have a couple of house rules like most groups have.

Right now we have the review of the core book and the first 4 parts of the adventure Rescue on Xerses IV which I think was the first adventure released for the game as its in the core.

The podcasts are hosted on Spotify and on our site. You can use either to listen to them and there is no paywall of any kind. Everything we do is just out there to listen to.
Currently we have 29 parts of our Shadowrun campaign and the 4 for STA with new ones each Wednesday. We are watching the Dune RPG posts with interests and if there are adventures for it will also jump on board that one.

Just got the Klingon Core Limited Edition for my birthday. Keep the books coming STA is a great game.

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