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STA on Fantasy Grounds

Any official updates from Modiphius on Star Trek: Adventures in Fantasy Grounds to help celebrate First Contact Day?

This isn’t official, but from what I have been able to gather, they were close to beta. Then the big FG update hit that changed a lot of things hit. Top priority was to rulesets that were already released, ie Conan. Recently, they got Conan fixed, and now their attention has returned to STA.

I’d asked a similar question early on at the developer’s site and never got an answer.

I’m not pointing a finger at anyone, but the developer has been asked, it seems once every 3-5 days. Why answer if they currently have nothing to report?

I’m just looking for a time frame. And, yes I know this still has to go back though FG for approval ( and maybe Paramount to boot.) I know alot of it is the nature of program development, but Its just disappointing its taken this long.

Well, I just got a response from customer service (Modifius) and the say its going thru testing and have been assured it will be releasing soon. I’m assuming that means releasing it out to FG, who will need to do their own thing, but a good sign anyway.

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Tried to get another update from customer service but I may have gone to that well once too often. No answer. Has anyone heard anything in the past couple of weeks?

Hi all. Its been awhile. Has anyone heard if there’s been any movement forward on getting the Star Trek Adventures Campaign Set for Fantasy Grounds?

From the Dev website:

We’ll be spending the next week cleaning up the UI and finishing up the corebook. The release process will begin during or immediately after that. We’ve already deferred a few features for update 1, but nothing that’ll affect gameplay. We’ve been pretty busy the last week or two on 'trek and we’re officially able to say we’re “code complete”

I have a task on my task list to create a set of release-level screenshots so you can get an idea what it looks like and the controls 'n such… Its our intention to publish a roadmap for STA for the next several months as well (probably at or after release). Plus, cooking some free stuff we’ll post here for download.

Busy, busy, so more soon…

Wanna guess…- Page 3 (


Some info, unlike D&D, there is not SDR or free “basic” version of STA (at least how I understand it), so the rule-set will contain the Corerule book.

I’m sure we’d like to see screen shots. That would be great! I’d like to see how the PC Character dropdown looks.

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According to a post on Facebook, RC1 has been submitted to Mōdiphiüs.

From The Devs site:

[Once Mōdiphiüs approves it] It takes Smiteworks and Steam approximately two weeks to review and setup items for sale (mostly Steam as I understand it).


From the dev’s discord:

Modiphius gave us the go ahead to send it to Smiteworks, so as far as I am aware, that’s all that’s left.

Sans, where did you hear that Modiphius had given the go ahead to pass the work off to Smiteworks?

The last 3 posts before your’s have links to post by the devs.

Someone told me that Fantasy Grounds didn’t have it yet. I think the ready to release may have been a tiny bit premature. Not sure if Modiphius has ok’d it yet. Can we get a ruling from anyone at Modiphius-proper? Does anyone up there know the current stage this is in?

Hi again. I was looking for an Update from Modiphius about my last email. Has the STA Campaign Set been submitted to Smiteworks/Fantasy Grounds? I had word that it was being submitted from Modiphius, but then there was conflicting info from Smiteworks that it has not been submitted. Any word?

Unfortunately I don’t think there is an answer to be had. It’ll arrive when it arrives and will be a wonderful surprise when it does. You’re not going to get any form of concrete estimate because of the amount of factors which could effect a delivery date.

Patience young… wait, wrong franchise

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v1.0.070621 Pushed to Smiteworks! - STA-Discussion (

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Smiteworks? Yet another virtual tabletop I’m guessing.

Smiteworks is the company that develops Fantasy Grounds.