STA injuries and death of characters?

Looking at the rules regarding injuries in the rule book regarding injuries and death in star trek adventures. If a character has recieved an injury and then recieves another injury do they die regardless of their stress level? It seems a little too easy to have characters die in scenarios given that a high security enemy can inflict a possible 10+ damage. Any elaboration on this would be useful

I agree it is easy to die in this system relative to other systems I’ve played which is in keeping with the flavor of the setting.
But there are the rules to avoid injury. The Recover action. And the rules providing a threat cost to attack a disabled foe. Combined with resistance from cover, if a starfleet crew is forced into a violent confrontation and they play smart they should survive most of the time.

So far, I’ve only had one incident of a near character death- and I leveraged that to get the players to surrender and be taken into custody by the Klingons.

I’ve had a few minor injuries along the way, and momentum spends to avoid injuries, and medics being critical on away missions, but despite encounters with Klingons, Borg, and one mechanized robot juggernaut, none of my player characters have died yet.


I think that depending on the other systems you’re familiar with it can seem either super lethal or fairly balanced. I personally like it a lot Star Trek characters are not soaking up multiple phaser hits per episode.

Taking characters out of action? Not uncommon.
Actual serious wounds? rare, because having the threat to spend on lethal attacks is largely in player’s hands.

Very much this.

It’s a bug and a feature at the same time depending on how you feel about narrative games. If you want to feel like you’re living in a “real” simulation of a universe, then it can be a bug. OTOH, if you want to have a game that feels like a simulation of a ST show, then it’s a feature.

I have one player that said that STA allows him to roleplay an actor that is playing a character in a ST show rather than roleplaying the character directly. He implied that the GM is roleplaying being the show’s the writer/director rather than being such directly too. It’s a weird extra layer for those used to traditional games.