Understanding Injury

So, in Achtung! Cthulhu, all injuries are Complications. (A lot like Fate Core.)

In STA, it seems like “Injury” (lethal or non) is more of a state…

Non-lethal Injury + [Any injury] = Lethal Injury
Lethal Injury + [Any injury] = Dead

…and Complications only arise when using Avoid an Injury. Is that right?

Part of why I ask is the “Injuries” section of the character sheet. I can understand the need for that in A!C, but not STA. Or is the assumption that this is for Minor Injury Complications only?


Sort of. If you don’t avoid the injury, you’re incapacitated. Which, for some, sounds also a bit complicated. :wink:

Depending on the rules you use for character advancement, being injured might qualify for advancement points (Milestones etc.). Also, it might be useful to track injuries if you play with rules like Trauma (cf. Sciences Division supplement).

Last, but not least: If the scene ends and you are lethally injured and not stabilised, you die. Might make sense to note that down, too.

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Seems like that would be something to deal with immediately, though.

(I feel like it might have been clearer if, rather than lump everything under Injury, the game defined specific states — say, Stunned (non-lethal) and Wounded (lethal) — and then Injuries were always the Complications one took from avoiding those states.)