STA for the Kelvin timeline?

Can I use STA for the new Kelvin timeline with Chris Pine as Kirk?
Because Vulcan is gone (literally), and after losing many ships thanks Nero. The official Star website has written, that the Federation create more ships much faster and more aggressive then the original timeline.
But from technological view, there shouldn’t be a difference between this two timelines?

Generally, the rule system is pretty timeline-agnostic. Even though the default setting is 2371 and much of the book is written from that perspective, it specifically states that you are free to choose any era. ENT, TOS and TNG are suggested, but it all works very well with any era or timeline.

From the tech perspective, the Kelvin timeline is basically a mix of TOS and TNG, so there should not be any issues. Of course you would have to adjust details, such as Vulcan being destroyed.

From what I know of Modiphius’ license, you shouldn’t count on official publications for the Kelvin timeline. But as Shran said, the rules should work perfectly well.

I’m running my campaign in the Kelvin timeline and it works just fine. I sort of hand-wave some discrepancies (like the size/scale of the ships, engine room layout, etc) and treat it as TOS with an updated aesthetic.

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What source do you use to eliminate the discrepancies?

Not sure what you mean. It’s more just the visuals. The engine room layout I use looks like traditional Trek movie era Enterprise (warp core, etc). The ships are the size of the ships in the rest of the movies. You can used the TOS stats from the books for the ships and equipment. No additional “source(s)” needed.

Sorry, then I had misunderstood you. I thought, that you modify the statistics of the ships for example.