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STA Adventures Style Sheet?

Does anyone have a style sheet (font, color, spacing, etc) or a blank, editable PDF/Word doc of the format of an STA adventure? Since I don’t get to play enough, I like to write my own adventures and would like to make them look as official as possible. A style sheet and/or PDF/Word doc that would allow for cut-and-paste design would be really great. Thanks.

Best best would be to coordinate with the folks at Continuing Mission and see if you can contribute to their fanmade material. The STA format and trade dress is proprietary, naturally, and not something we’d be able to share with the public.


It would, however, probably not a copyright-infringement to use the following style-guide (I use it for my own material. I will probably post templates at some time in future but it’s not ready for public, yet):

Title: Centered, or centered on page, >=20pt, bold, Font: Serpentine (or Arial Black italic)
Page format: 2-column, margin between columns: 0.5cm
Headline (1): 12pt, bold, all-caps, Arial Narrow, paragraph padding 0.25cm, set paragraph background
Headline(2): 12pt, bold, all-caps, Arial Narrow
Text: 12pt, Arial

Instead of Arial, you can also use Liberation Sans / Liberation Sans Narrow.

Set Headers and Footers and maybe Text rotated by 90°/270° on the left/right side of the paper and you get a clean, nice-to-read, printer friendly document that makes a good homebrew STA document. :slight_smile:


Definitely will. Thanks. Don’t want to step on any proprietary toes, especially given CBS/Paramount licensing protections that Modiphius must be cognizant of. Anything I build would just be for me. Thanks for the response.

This is outstanding. Thank you, Mister X. Much obliged.

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Perhaps the poster was referring to Writers Guidelines.

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Wouldn’t mind Writer’s Guidelines, if such a thing exists. Does it?

You can email me direct with queries on writing for the line. Jim at Include any relevant experience or game writing credits, if you have any.

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Respectfully, does “include any experience or game writing credits” mean noobs need not apply?

They said “if any”, this implies that experience and game writing credits may not be a prerequisite.


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Well, I’d say just shoot @Modiphius-Jim a message. Even if you have no experience, maybe you’re the next outstanding talent Jim will discover. Everybody has to start somewhere.

The worst thing that can happen is that Jim will send you a polite “no thank you”. And even then you have an email from Jim saying ‘thank you’ to you. :wink:

(Sorry, Jim. :wink: )

What I wrote, really. Email me with queries. If you happen to have industry experience, note it in the query along with a list of publication credits or samples of your work. If you have none of the above, at least tell me about your experience with the game. I always need adventure pitches for standalone adventures, and it’s super-helpful if the writer is already familiar with the game system.

And like MisterX said–worst that’ll happen is I read your email and send you a polite thank you.