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Solo roleplaying

For several reasons (some of which are a bit personal but also complicated to explain, but I’d be happy to if people are interested) I have been exploring the act of solo roleplaying (i.e. just me, not one player/one GM) for quite a while now. This especially started to kick off after getting Star Trek and Dishonored (both things that are too difficult for me to enjoy in their original forms, for various reasons), although I haven’t fully played them yet as I’m still figuring stuff out.

Following the panel about 2021 there was a vague announcement about “solo play”. I’m fully aware about the solo/AI features for the miniature skirmish games, but I’m curious if there will also be solo features for the 2d20 games.

Also, I’d like to record my games in some form, notably as a way to showcase solo roleplaying. However, due to circumstances they can’t be live streams or actual play recordings as we’re used to. I’ve had some ideas about an “audio drama” style format, but that would negate much of the “actual play” side of things and get more firmly on the side of fan fiction/films, so not sure how that would be received (the narrative is more my thing). Especially concerning IPs like Star Trek. So I am especially curious if people have some suggestions on recording actual plays (in general).