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Ideas for Firefly 2d20?

So in my on-again/off-again attempt to make a Firefly hack that gives me the game I want I have finally made it over to 2d20. I’ve also just been in a Firefly mood lately.

I did a lot of work with Atomic Highway, but I just enjoy running 2d20 so much more.

So I think the starting question I would like to get peoples opinion on is: Level of Crunch?

My immediate go-to would be a Conan level. I like the skill granularity and talents. I like the Lifepath system and the Archtypes as well. I also think Conan-style Carousing is absolutely perfect for the setting.

Anyone have ideas for a different starting point? I think Dishonored could be interesting, but I’m not sure it entirely fits.

Would love to hear ideas.

Also, and this is important, I am completely uninterested in using the game to emulate a TV show. I hate that so much. I just want to run games in the setting, not run a version of the show.

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