So what is currently pre order and what is not?

Hello! I’m a Brotherhood of steel player, and really would like to get my hands on the Danse expansion as well as the frontline box. Various retailers say it is a preorder item to be released when the expansion is announced…but the modiphius store says that it is currently an in-stock item.

Can I get clarification please on what is currently pre order and what is not?

I would love to know this too. I placed an order on Modiphius’s site on the 8th and haven’t heard anything about it other then that it’s been confirmed that I placed it.

Sky, I’m checking into it for you.

Haytu, you need to check on your order at please.

Those expansions are on route to US retailers this week - 3 will reach our us warehouse end of this week then next week will go to distributors. We had it for pre-order sales and new orders don’t ship till December.

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Hi folks, i’ve just updated the expected shipping times on the site, we had a lot fo delays as you know getting the pre-orders out, and the latest expansion stock is heading to the USA for retailers who’ve not had them for their pre-orders yet. We’re now building up stock for a major re-supply to retailers in December but are aiming to ship any web orders since September 15th towards the end of November. We have stocks of most items so we don’t expect any delays in those. Thanks for being patient.