Similarities between Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 and Fallout 2d20

Wonder if anyone knows how similar the Achtung! Cthulhu version of 2d20 is the one used by Fallout?

The reason I ask is that the Fallout 2d20 ruleset is now available on Fantasy Grounds. If there was not too big of a difference I was thinking may I could use that till A!C is release on FG.

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The differences are quite significant, Fallout 2d20 is in it’s core very different from A!C. So much so, as if they are using a totally different game system - which they basically are.
2d20 is not a generic rules set with a strong core and some setting specific add-ons like Fate or Savage Worlds. Each 2d20 RPG is adapted in the core elements of what makes a character, how damage works, how character progression works, etc.
Fallout 2d20 is special (and SPECIAL, which adds to make it special, too) in that it has a level-based character development, very high detail in damage resolution, different combat resolution, etc. compared to most other 2d20-based RPGs.
It is probably easier to use the Conan Fantasy Grounds adaptation than the Fallout one for A!C, as Conan is a little bit closer to A!C.