Self-treatment: +2 or +1 to Difficulty?

Hm, I think this question was answered on the old forum, but doing a quick search on the internet, I cannot find anything. So here it goes:

When performing a Treat test on oneself, does the difficulty increase by 1 (as stated on p. 102 of the corebook) or 2 (as mentioned in the descripton of the “Self-treatment” Talent, p. 87)?

NB: I can live with orthographic errors and stats that are slightly off (wouldn’t know the difference, anyway…), but the number of outright contradictions in the corebook is very annoying. Official errata for those would be greatly appreciated.


So, can we get a rules clarification on this question? It is not a rare occurence in my games, so I’d like to know whether it is +1 Difficulty or +2?

Go with +1 Difficulty base for self-treatment, though you may suffer additional difficulty increases for the number of Harms you have.

Broadly, a talent allows an exception to the normal rules, so the normal situation is defined by the main rules. In this case, the talent allows you to ignore a penalty (the penalty for self-treatment), but the main rules define what that penalty is.

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