Please Help! Using Kits resources etc. and Healing (again)

  1. I have read through the Healing posts and responses. I still don’t see where the “Treatment Action” and “Recover Action” are listed and described in the core book. If someone could hit me with a page number I would appreciate it.

  2. When reading about recovery it mentions actions and references the skill and talents section (p 63 and 66) However, these sections do not list the Standard Actions at all --it describes each talent specifically, but never the basic Healing or Counsel Action.

I’m under the impression that even with a Healing skill, the difficulty for these actions is supposed to be greater than 1 (maybe because info under kits describes reduced difficulty to a minimum of d1) Why is this? How do we know what the difficulty should be?

  1. Under belongings it is still unclear what exactly a kit is, what a resource is, how many charges of each are available etc. The book gives very vague guidance without any specifics --charts need to be specific. It refers to “Items” and “Kits” interchangeably. It says attempting to use the kit for practical tasks *as opposed to knowledge-based or theoretical uses) without the associated kit can increase the difficulty by one step. So Anytime you try to heal without a kit it is a d2 minimum? I won’t even attempt to ascertain what a theoretical use would look like.

  2. Items/ Kits: P. 140 core book states, “When new, kits typically come with three uses of the associated Resource, though once used up these must be replenished separately.”

So under healing we have
the healer’s bag --a kit, so it comes with three resources. How does this do.
Medicine --resource --so this is just a single resource --is this something that can be used for healing? Why would this cost 2 gold?

I’m sure many of these answers are buried in the talent trees, but this isn’t conducive to learning a system via a rule book.

If someone could please help clarify some of this I would appreciate it.

  1. Recover and Treatment actions are covered in the Standard Actions section in Chapter 5. Page 116 for both. Recover is the second wind equivalent in Conan, a way to help yourself when cornered and battered . Treatment is used to help others. Both actions restore vigor/resolve, but the targets are different and use different skills. Those are actions in Combat. Outside combat you can achieve the same with the checks used in the Treatment action.

  2. What exactly you are reading?

Recovering from Harm (i.e. suffered wounds and traumas become treated, not causing penalties, but can open when you get new one) is described on page 122, but the base difficulty of 1 implies you have the necessary materials for the task (i.e. healers kit, or medicine if you treat ailment) and the environment allows to do the action without rush or other negative effect on you and the target.

This is where the GM should adjust the difficulty accordingly. For example trying to stitch 2-3 wounds at the battlefield without medical equipment and clean water/bandages definitely raises the Healing check with 1-2.

  1. Kits do not give bonus dice, they actually allow to you make the task without increase of the base difficulty set by the GM - p.140 after the italic text:

Attempting to use those skills for practical tasks (as opposed to knowledge-based or theoretical uses) without the associated kit can increase the Difficulty by one step, depending on the nature of the task being attempted and the particular skill. Using a kit avoids this Difficulty increase

  1. Resources give bonus d20 to a skill test. They are expendable as the kit, but give bonus dice rather than affecting the difficulty level. It is in the same paragraph on page 140, further down.

Kits, Resources, Libraries/Facilities and Tools all contribute to the success of a task, but in a different ways.

Thank you! This clears things up; I missed the info on 116 and kept bouncing around looking for clarity.

Official response from Benn;
On Healing - Standard action Treatment (page 116) describes difficulty for healing. Kits aren’t itemised because we shy away from boring minutia where possible. YES the GM can increase difficulty if you don’t have a kit.

A healers bag (and this is generally how all resources and kits work) starts with 3 doses of medicine. When you make a test you can spend 1-3 doses of medicine to gain 1-3 d20s on the test. You don’t have to spend these, it’s your choice.

It costs 2 gold because it’s essentially a type of storable momentum.

Thanks Steven,

I missed that medicine has 3 doses and thought the price was steep for a single d20. This makes sense now. I appreciate your time and patience.

Travis White