Rules clarification regarding Kits & Tools

Hi fellows,
I’m still struggling to understand what is behind the notions of Tools & Kits.
Probably it is related to the fact that my English is not that good.
Will someone explain me, with simple examples ?
I understood that :

  • Kits are needed to use a competence without increasing its difficulty. For example, trying to heal an ally without a healing kit will be a D2 difficulty, instead of a D1.
  • Tools can be used the same way Momentum are, to add bonus D20 will rolling for a competence test. They come with limited charges, which can be replenished later. For example, using a Thief tools to open a door, I use 3 charges to add +3D20 to my skill check, which means I broke 3 lockpicks before opening that lock.

In fact I’m thinking of Kits as “doctor’s bag” and Tools as needles & catgut : one use items.
But I know this is wrong because Kits are sometimes limited in the number of their uses.
I’ve searched here, on Mewe, on G+, but couldn’t find or understand the answer.
So I’m confused…

It really depends on the item of they are one use or if they can be used multiple times. It does not necessarily have anything to do with the item being a Kit or a Tool.

The distinction between Kit and Tool (and Resource) is only what the item does and how it influences a certain situation. Kits are usually something that is required and without one a test is more difficult. Tools usually enhance the test in some way. But Tools are not always limited.

Also, Tools do not add extra d20s. Tools do the following:

  • Add Bonus Momentum
  • Grant Re-rolls
  • Reduce Difficulty

Resources add extra d20s and they are always one use I think.

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Tools have all effects at the same time or only one of them?

I guess it depends on the tool and how it is used. This is of course all up for interpretation and ultimately decided by the GM. But theoretically, tools can have all the effects.

A harp is considered a tool for Performance. So if you succeed, the scope is likely higher than without a harp, but the test itself is not easier. I.e. this would add Bonus Momentum.

Fishing Gear could grant a re-roll or reduce Difficulty.

A spyglass could grant a re-roll if you try to find something or grant Bonus Momentum if you spy in an enemy camp.

So its basically up to the GM and the group to use tools as creatively as possible. I use the following as a rule of thumb:

  • Bonus Momentum: Increased scope of success (common uses are to gain information or to reduce time)
  • Re-roll: Makes you better at what you do
  • Reduced Difficulty: Makes it easier
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Thank you guys, I’m beginning to understand !