Trick Shot Talent Question

“You gain 1 bonus momentum on ranged attacks, can’t be used to increase damage and can’t be saved in group pool.”

Does this mean I can roll an extra d20 on the attack roll when I use a ranged attack?

Thank you.

Yes, this 1x bonus momentum can be used for extra d20 to the attack or other use that is not related to increasing damage and/or saving to the group’s pool.

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What Val said

That is what I thought, but wanted to confirm.

Also, if I had the Marksman talent, I could have 4d20 on an attack, if I used a Minor Action to “aim”, correct?

Thank you both for the quick responses.

The maximum bonus dice is capped to +3d20. So yes, you can have +4d20 with various talents if you count in those 4 the default 2d20 that you always roll

Bonus Momentum doesn’t appear until after a successful test (this is a standard thing for bonus Momentum, not specific to the talent), so you couldn’t use it to buy extra d20s. It could be used to ignore some of the target’s Soak, or to go towards disarming someone, or other uses of Momentum other than dealing damage.

Ouch, I might have been interpreting the rules in the wrong way… Where in the book this is specified to show to my players for my next game?

Page 101, third paragraph under “Generating Momentum”:

“Some talents, items, and circumstances grant bonus Momentum, which is added to the total Momentum generated by a successful skill test. The bonus Momentum doesn’t come into existence until after the test is successful.”

Awesome! Thank you for the prompt reply :slight_smile: