S.p.e.c.i.a.l. 10+

Hi. Ricently i start think why some Units has a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. parameters above 10.

Super Mutant BEHEMOTH have STR parametrs 13 for what?

When i have a Skill Roll, 10 is enough to get a 90% chance of success. (X and X+Cog is other 10%)

Please explain what is the meaning of the paramets above 10.

My thoughts is:

  1. If it works like in other wargame (maybe Corvus Belli Infinity) and all value higher then 10 give us extra critical hit. So, we can’t roll 11,12,13 etc. and 8,9,10 in skill dice will be critical (Infinity). But this is very unbalance.
  2. Or maybe we can add this value to our Skill roll result. So if we roll 1, we must add +3 (13-10=3 free points) that’s increase our chance in battle.

Certain weapons have strength limitations, it’s possible that there will be a weapon that is released that has a strength requirement of more than 10. Right now the fire hydrant club has the highest at 10+, but that doesn’t mean that in the future one could be released with a higher strength requirement.

Values greater than 10 are also currently useful for things like the health value, or when applying penalties to a SPECIAL value, such as from chems. In the future, those values could also be useful for other things, like contested checks.

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Agree with you, but in Fallout video game if you have huge STR you will realy cool man and in Close Combat your attack will crash enemy without any weapon.

I hope in Fallout Wasteland Warfare in future we will see something similar mechanics of this. Who known, maybe in future STR 10+ will give you… Extra Yellow Dice as an option, like STR 7+ now give you Extra Black Dice.

STR 7+ gives you + black dice

Modifiers can pull that down also.


Rifle skill on PER, a PER of 11 becomes a 9 when making a quick action or shooting through cover, so there are reasons why a baseline stat might be of value even when above 10.

It’s not likely to be that common, but always good to have some wiggle room at the top.