Str 7 bonus dice due to speciality

Does a unit get a black bonus dice when attacking in close combat, if it uses a weapon it has a speciality and therefor its str is increased to 7 or higher?

For example the gunner commander has str 4. With t45 power armor he has str 6. If he now uses the ripper in close combat his skill increasea to str 8.

I retract my statement, I misunderstood or read it too fast. The Specialty is for the Skill, not the Stat.


I don’t know if that is the case.

Specialities alter a Skill Value, so this would be Melee, Heavy Weapon or the like. These are attached to an Attribute like Strength but are not themselves an Attribute.

It would be like having an accuracy modifier bringing the Str below 7 and removing the dice. An accuracy modifier alters the Skill Value, not the Attribute.

You would need things that add to your STR (like Power Armor) to give that black dice. As Skills tend to vary which Attributes they are found on (Melee can generally be found on STR or AGI), a Speciality may not always refer to Skill found on the STR Attribute.

So in the example given in the original post, you have;

Gunner Commander: STR 4
T45 Power Armor: + 2 STR
Speciality (Ripper): + 2 Melee Skill Value

The STR here caps out at STR 6 but the Melee Skill Value would be 8.

So in short, no the Speciality doesn’t go towards granting the bonus STR black dice.


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