Hello, few question after my first battle

Hi, a couple of post-match doubts:
how does work hammer’s ability speciality:super sledge?

In battle mode, model may be hired only by the chosen faction?
thanks for the answers


Speciality gives a model +2 on any Skill Values when using the relevant item or skill with which they have the Speciality. (It’s at the bottom of p. 10 in Rules of Play.) So, Hammer gets +2 to close combat attacks when using a Super Sledge weapon.

In Battle Mode, only the models listed in a faction’s force list (downloadable from here https://www.modiphius.com/fallout-downloads.html) can be used in that faction - sometimes this means models that are a different faction can be used such as the Enslaved Tech (who is a Survivor) who is allowed in a Super Mutant Faction force. Each model can only use items and other cards that are listed as possible for that model. (These restrictions are only for Battle Mode.)

Hope that helps,