Settlement Mode Equipment Restrictions

In Battle Mode, what you can/cannot equip on a unit is perfectly clear. The openness of Settlement Mode presents a few questions, though.

  1. If you have a Survivors settlement, but include Hammer in your force - does the Super Mutants faction card means that he does not get strong armor (from the Survivors Faction card), and cannot wear power armor? I would assume that just because he’s in a Survivors force he doesn’t forget to be a Super Mutant.

  2. For models they say “Equipped: X only”, does that mean they cannot equip any other upgrades? The Dog/Dogmeat variations have “Equipped: Dog Bite Only”, but there is dog-specifc armor.

3a. All of the Robots have “Equipped: X” for their weapons, and there is a faction restriction on power armor, but can they be given regular armor, clothing, and every other type of upgrade?

3b. It also says that they cannot use Food & Drink, Alcohol, and Chems, but I’m assuming that those could still be equipped, but then shared. Is that correct as well?

Thanks in advance!


The rules/restrictions for Factions apply to Units with the matching faction written on their card, not to what Faction a force is as a whole (based on their Leader). For example, a force led by a Super Mutant contains an Enslaved Tech but the Enslaved Tech wouldn’t have the Super Mutant Faction rules applied so wouldn’t be immune to radiation, get the cooked effect of food, etc. In the same way, Hammer does not get the Armor Boost of Survivors (but does follow the Super Mutant rules), and a Minuteman does not get the Survivor bonus as the faction written on their card is Minutemen.

The rules on Robots, Creatures and Dogs will be revised/clarified in the new FAQ and the release of Wave 2 (and the revised/new reference cards will be in the downloadable card PDFs). Those will clear up the questions on what Units of these types can use, equip, etc. In the meantime, Robots, Creatures and Dogs can only use items that say they can be used by that type on the item. Also, if a Robot, Creature or Dog has weapons named on its Unit card, those are the only weapons it may equip.

You’re right that a model can carry (and even Share) an Item even if unable to use it themselves.

Check out the FAQ for more info on some of these questions. The new FAQ will be released soon.

Hope that helps.


Understood, thanks!