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Rules definition for the GM about Dark Symmetry Spends

Hey there. I need a definition for how the GM is allowed to spend Dark Symmetry points.

For instance, using the ‘Inspire Dread’ 1 point. Does this mean.

a) The GM can spend 2 DS point and give a character 1 dread, period.
b) The GM can spend 10 DS points and give a character 5 dread.
c) The GM can spend 10 DS points and give 5 characters 1 dread.
d) The GM can spend 50 DS points and give 5 characters 5 dread.

This question also encompasses other Spend X DS-points for effect.
Since reinforcements are 1pt per +1 Trooper etc, that is clearly defined that you may spend more than one point. But otherwise, is it intended that the GM can only hand out 1 dread at a time? For how long till the GM can hand out more? A round? per test? Till some dread has been removed?

Thanks in advance.

No limit to just 1 Dread for 2 DSP.

Perfectly fine, though expensive, DSP spend.

Perfectly fine, though expensive, DSP spend.

Allowed, though exceedingly stupid DSP spend.
For 50 DSP (however your GM managed to get that amount without spending it during the session on more interesting spends), you can easily summon lots of Nemesis NPCs and bolster them by spending DSP for their DSP spend abilities.

Simply causing 5 Dread in all PCs is the most boring thing you can do with that many DSPs, beside not using them at all.

Causing Dread does not have a direct effect, it only shows its effect when the PCs are making dice rolls for Skill tests, and then only by (the higher) chance of rolling Repercussions.

Spending DSPs to corrupt equipment or introduce hazards etc. is much more directly effective to raise the tension. And that is why a GM would spend DSP in the first place. DSPs are a resource to make things more thrilling. The Dread spends above are less thrilling than most other DSP spend options.

In general regarding the amount of DSP a GM might spend on one action or per round or whatever: as many as there are DSPs in the GM’s pool. You can spend all of them at once or any amount you think fitting.

That includes the Inspire Dread spend, and other spends (except some NPC spends that are explicitly limited, if there is no limit stated, spend as you like and as many DSPs as you have available).

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You don’t understand. I am the GM. One of my players questioned me giving out some Dread and I wanted a clarification.

And well, I can make other purchases of course but I needed clarification to any eventuality. You haven’t met my players though, they bring a Dark Symmetry shovel to every game session… :slight_smile:
But thanks for the speedy reply.


Well, if the players are generating lots and lots of DSPs, then you, by all means, should spend them for giving them the Hell of the Dark Apostles.
As I said, that many DSP are better spent for other purposes than only to cause some Dread.

But there is nothing wrong in spending DSPs for multiple levels of Dread. Go for the PCs that most of the time would make Skill tests, that don’t have a re-roll Talent (like all attack skills in combat). Give them a few Dread and see what happens.

Yes, I much prefer to throw hordes of enemies at them (they’re pretty powerful) or corrupt their gear. We’re playing through the Dark Legion adventure (with some mods) and they’re swimming around looking for the Venus Neckromakina… Whoops, it seems one of their oxygen tanks exploded.

Corruption of gear I feel is the most powerful tool but one I use sparingly.

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Corruption of gear could take away the PCs’ most precious toys, yes.

But considering that a character only ever gets ONE Response Action per round, having to deal with several attackers, though they may be less powerful, means the PCs will get hit, will get damage, and cannot avoid that.

In later 2d20 RPGs the PCs are allowed several reactions, for increasing cost in generated Doom/Heat/Threat/Chaos, etc. But Mutant Chronicles is very harsh in that regard. You only have as single Response Action and you need to decide before the attack is rolled, which attack you want to defend against.

So, having several attackers, not a mob, but single attackers, is a sure way to get a lot of damage.
If you want to put some pressure on your MC3 PCs, mustering up several attackers will certainly do the trick.

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