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Actions number, Chronicle and DS points questions

Hello all,

I’m currently seriously reading the Mutant Chronicles rules to start mastering it. (my first game as GM!) and I have a few questions about details:

  • First question: I am a bit confused about using Chronicles Points to have multiple standard actions:

From errata:
Page 118
[CLARIFICATION] Extra Action: One extra action from a Chronicle point per round at most.

From Core book (page 123)
“A player may spend more than one Chronicle point to allow a character to perform multiple extra actions.”

Which one is the good one? The errata as it is more recent?

  • Second question, still about this same paragraph on page 123: “When spending a Chronicle point, the player does not have to pay the GM any Dark Symmetry points…”
    Why should the player have to pay DS points, why does this precision is in the book? If my reading is correct, you can only gain extra standard actions by using Chronicle Points or by certain talents or skills, but none of these two options makes the player pay DS points, correct?

  • Third question:
    Page 145
    [CLARIFICATION] Player Investment: A maximum of three extra dice can be purchased with DSP,
    including any bonus dice for Talents etc.
    If I understand, a player can roll a maximum of 5d20: two standards and maximum 3 extra dice including buying it with DS points, Chronicle points, talents, etc. Correct?

Many thanks to you all!

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#1. It’d probably be a good idea to go for the errata of only allowing a single CP Standard Action, it’s likely the latter is just something that was missed or forgotten about when the errata was implemented.

#2. One of the Momentum Spends is called Swift Action, which gives an extra Standard Action (but with +1 Difficulty if it’s used for a Test) that can also stack with CP and Power extra Standard Actions. This might also be a weird legacy thing or unimplemented mechanic that wasn’t caught when things were finalized. In future iterations of the 2D20 System the players can give the GM some GM points in exchange for momentum that has to be used immediately. However, one of the things to remember is that the uses for Momentum and DSP in the book are stated to be more the basics of using them, and you can come up with new uses for Momentum and DSP.

#3. There is technically no upper limit to the amount of D20s you can roll in MC3 (there is some weird text in the exploit weakness action that might be another legacy or unimplemented mechanic for dice limits) and in future iterations of 2D20, they make the limit of additional D20 a character can get in general only +3 (so 5D20 max in most cases)

Since MC3 is the first iteration of the 2D20 system, it’s mechanics are a bit wonky compared to future iterations. If you’re up for some house rule ideas, a good place to start is some of the stuff from future iterations that’d be simple to implement, such as the +3D20 dice limit and combining Strength and Physique to make the Brawn Attribute.

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