Raising the number of the starting pool of Chronicles Points?

Is it possible to raise Chronicles Points starting pool after Character Generation?
I mean a character with a starting pool of 2 begin every session with 2 CP, even then group is still within the same quest and he ended the last session with 4 CP.

Easy… don’t be so literal. First, it’s up to you when to make a clean cut. If the same events span one or more sessions, i keep the CP and DSP as they are. I only “reset” those when the Story takes a “break” for a phase (24 Luna hours) or longer.
While it’s not an option to by CP with XP i would say you could give them as a reward for a long and very successful story. Since you can’t give your player a +5 MP-105 “Hellblazer” like in other systems, this might be a way.

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