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Evolution of 2d20

Now that 2d20 has gone through several games since MC. What new inovations in 2d20 do people think are better. What might one steal from later games. And are there anythings in MC that you might regret/leave out?

Several interesting happened during the evolution from the first 2d20 game, Mutant Chronicles, to the latest one published, John Carter of Mars (since Acthung! Cthulhu is not published so we do not know its ruleset).

Mutant Chronicles and Corvus Belli Infinity are the only two now that have just the D6 Combat Dice that only has the 6-face as only an effect, and just the 1-face and 2-face as damage.

Other systems like Conan and Star Trek Adventures have expended that range to include both the 5-face and the 6-face, and also to have both the 5-face and 6-face count both as points of damage plus effect.

Star Trek also streamlined the Attributes to fit more closely with the themes of Star Fleet, which is a nice change to see 2d20 keep those attributes flexible and adjusted for each system, unlike in the days of the WoTC d20 glut, when every genre kept the same STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA.

Another change is the use of the Chronicle Points/Fortune Points/Determination Points, those special tokens that allow big narrative effects or guarantee a d20 is rolled at the perfect 1-face. Star Trek Adventures, in particular, is a bit stingy with these Determination points, and forces you to think carefully, of your character’s values to use this powerful effect.

Then Momentum costs have also adjusted, from easily buying extra d20 dice per Momentum spend in Mutant Chronicles, to an increasing cost in Star Trek Adventures, with the first extra d20 only costing 1 Momentum, the next one costing 2 Momentum, and the last 3 Momentum.

Of course, character combat charts too have evolved, from the detailed hit locations on the body in Mutant Chronicles tracking damage separately to each important body part, to the more streamlined hit locations in Conan having damage to these hit locations all tracked in just one wounds track, to Star Trek ignoring hit locations completely.

All in all, I like each of the individual iterations, and they seem to play well enough for the various genres. For example, I absolutely enjoy the hacking options in Corvus Belli Infinity that can be used in combat instead of a directly weapons attack, and of course the Geist being another persona.

John Carter of Mars even went radical and got rid of all skills completely, and just two combinations of attributes serve in any place you would normally use skills.

One thing, that I never liked in Mutant Chronicles was the Expertise and Focus being distinct tracks. Of course, this offers more granularity, but it would have been easier to just have Expertise alone.


Which damage system do you prefer?

I’ve only played conan, so not used any localised damage. But have used localised armour.